Tuesday, December 9, 2008

161: Reading Across Genres

Usually Monday nights were like this: crowded around a false conference table, a professor / author visiting, discussing his or her work alongside that of another (often) book-length work. The best of the evening: Trish, our instructor, of the Patricia Hampl fame, in conversation with said author, a witnessed interview in our cave of a classroom. We're finding ourselves more settled, more familiar with this life change, and the shift has been, for the most part, good. I hold up this class as my favorite of the program thus far, mostly due to the nature of the course and instructor--a chance for us to explore who we are as writers, a chance to discuss literature, a chance to be prodded and encouraged.

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Barbara said...

Beautiful :)
Reading - Karin Boye's poems (in translation by Jenny Nunn // or in the Swedish original, of course ;).