Friday, November 28, 2008

151: Black Friday

Today was spent mostly inside, knitting little squares, little gifts, napping, and reading books. I've never braved the stores on "Black Friday," and after hearing about the Wal-Mart employee getting trampled to death (!!), I'm especially appreciative of my modest bank account and my meager handmade givings. If I give, it comes from the heart, not from a push and a shove and a pair of extraordinarily sore feet (and danger, now, apparently). Ryan and I both get antsy in crowds of large people anyway. I'm so grateful the bookstore I'll work at for this holiday season is small and sweet as opposed to that monolith in the Twin Cities. There's only so much hiding under a counter a girl can do.


michelle said...

i agree. i'm giving handmade gifts this year as well with only a few small purchases.

what really bothers me about the story though is the fact that those people have bank accounts more meager than our own and were still out frantically spending...

early hours of sky said...

hey you, hope all is well. I'm reading at the Loft on Friday.

I'm jealous of your bookstore. I would lock all the doors and just read:)