Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Photo: by Ryan

This is one of my favorite photographs my husband has taken: this, taken at Colville Park last autumn. For his birthday last year, I got him several rolls of black and white film, which he will occasionally noodle with. He nearly took a nature photography class half a dozen years ago in Duluth; it's amazing how things enter and pivot in our lives.

Today I gave a presentation in my poetry workshop on the image and memory, using this flickr photoset as a slideshow. Unfortunately, Flickr opted to conk out on my halfway through, not yet reaching the photos where Christian was born or the ones of Middle Sand Lake I took this past August on my one year wedding anniversary (and subject of many poems they have recently critiqued).

Other things:

- There is a Flickr group started up called a year of mornings, respectfully modeled after the beloved photoblog 3191. I have dutifully jumped onto the bandwagon, and you can follow my own three hundred and sixty five days of mornings here.
- I am currently reading American Fuji by Sara Backer. It's a fast, escape read, which isn't quite what I probably expected when I bought it. I'm finding all kinds of books tucked all sorts of places in my home (OK, I lie, it's all alphabetical, but I think there are something like five five-shelved fiction bookcases alone, so indeed, things do get "lost", especially as I am charmingly bumbling) and I have no clue how I acquired them. Probably when I worked at the bookstore, yes? That seems to have been my best acquisition years.
- I'm finishing up Queer as Folk via Netflix. Next: The Wire. I'm completely addicted to going through an entire series back-to-back via DVDs-by-mail.
- My last day of my internship is tomorrow.
- My first day of my bookstore job is December first. (And while I worked in a giant bookstore for five and a half years, I haven't in a small independent one, though I must admit, I have fantasized it quite a bit.)
- I'm really excited to read 2666. Before I can, however, I have given myself a "healthy challenge" which involves exercise and eating good things and quarters for designated accomplishments, so it might be a while. Books, I am finding, are good "carrots." Next up: the works of Trish Hampl.

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amanda said...

Dude, you will love The Wire.