Friday, October 24, 2008

124: Jeff + Shelly

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- Brodi, son of the groom, is a pistol, as my mother would say: "Leave me alone, Grandma!"
- Eve, daughter of the groom, was a miniature bride. Have never witnessed this phenomenon.
- Cake with fondant stars.
- Groomsman in rehab, then treatment for PTSD. Grateful it wasn't jail; grateful he is on his way to peace.
- Last shot put me elsewhere. Stories abound. Was not the designated driver, will probably be so for the next fifteen weddings. I owe it to those around me.
- Perhaps that wasn't such a wise follow-up to rehab.
- Wood wishing well for wedding cards. Made by groom's father for his children's weddings. A wonderful way to remember him; Jeff's father passed away when Jeff was fifteen, I believe.
- Groomsmen in monster masks for grand march.
- A little girl, no one knows whose she was, had a habit of tucking herself beneath the bride's dress and peeking beneath bathroom stalls.
- Held Ryan's hands through the ceremony. Knowing that ours has been good too.

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