Friday, October 31, 2008


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1. the last of them, 2. pickings, 3. Untitled, 4. blanket for babe,
5. nifty, 6. love for lentils, 7. noknead2, 8. itty bitty sweet ones,
9. tudora, 10. 119, 11. acorns aplenty, 12. pretzelsammy

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This October, I have enjoyed:

- the above from my Flickr favorites
- the leaf colors, the way they glow, look lit from within
- baking bread: zucchini, banana, crusty french
- weekend poetry workshops
- meeting Junot Diaz
- listening to books on CD on my commute
- election signs that agree with me
- the last harvest in the garden, turning over compost for next summer
- the kind of running that is still a bit like shuffling, a bit like galumphing
- warm chai tea
- clean cotton sheets
- reading. reading. reading.
- trying to find a way to fit "clotted snow" into a poem
- returning to Michigan, still working on that series of poems
- plans for Thanksgiving
- sleeping in

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