Friday, October 10, 2008


Monday night we were taken on a tour of the Open Book: decades old letterpress machines, glossed letters in the floorboards, words engraved in tables, the recent Jerome fellows (including a certain someone who made our wedding invitations), a question and answer with the editor-in-chief of Milkweed Editions.

After: being taken out for wine and appetizers by our esteemed professor, Trish Hampl. Conversation: tropes in literature, the recent political and economic climate, the capacity of the Kiefer house brewery.

And news:

- The most recent issue (#4) of Dislocate has come out, though it's not available for purchase on the website yet. My poem "Counting" is in it (and indeed, it was accepted into the magazine before I was accepted into the university for the MFA program; otherwise, I wouldn't have submitted it, and I don't think they would have accepted me, given it would be a major conflict of interest).

- My Cry of the Loon photographs I recently shared have made their way over onto the U of MN's English homepage. Here's the quote:

<<Every year English professor and Creative Writing Program core faculty member Michael Dennis Browne lends his cabin compound in the north woods to MFA graduate students in creative writing. The 2008 "Cry of the Loon Retreat," which took place in late September, is documented in photos by MFA candidate Molly Sutton Kiefer.>>

- In turn, I have been asked to take photographs at English events. My first assignment: the dinner reception for Junot Diaz. He's got a reading coming up at the end of the month. I am flattered and nervous--it's an incredible opportunity and immense responsibility.


gracia said...

Oh! the letterpress. They are such wonderful machines.

Lyz said...

wow molly this is great. congratulations on the publication. and patricia hampl is your professor?! how fabulous. i love her sentences. they are so varied and beautiful.