Saturday, September 20, 2008


This I say: congratulations to Bill and Angie. The two of you looked so completely, utterly happy, and that is how one must enter a marriage. (Completely, utterly, unaware. No--I'm kidding!) It was a Catholic ceremony, which means Catholic mass, and she comes from a farming community, which means a receiving line out to the next county, and two hours later we were laundering our shirts due to the sweat, but the company was phenomenal, the music wonderful (the bride sang and oh, we were so glad she did, and her harpist was our harpist, as Cheryl Murphy is in the Irish folk band with my father), and BJ chugged a beer from a rubber chicken. What more could an evening need? Oh, yes. Groomsmen with glittery wings.

And a few more: here.