Monday, September 1, 2008


In the great immortal words of one of my former colleagues, You can call me Master. My letter came from the university stating my M.Ed paperwork has gone through. It will take, however, up to four weeks to appear on my transcript and up to two months to receive the diploma (which is why this announcement feels a wee bit anti-climactic), but I have nothing more to do than sit tight and distract myself with new obligations. I can, however, add those three letters to the string after my last name: BA, M.Ed. (In three years, BA, M.Ed, MFA.) You can see the future job competitors are shaking in their boots. You know, ditch digging and whatnot.

The first day of the semester is mildly anti-climactic for me as well: the first day back is tomorrow, but I won't be there. No classes.

Instead, I'll be working on my 13-item weekly to-do list, five of which I did yesterday and the day before. I seem to be saving the harder things for today and tomorrow, it appears. Writing a review, doing homework for the incomplete Brit Lit course I've had for nearly a year now. Things that only I seem to be able to put off for eons. It's a talent, I tell you, this procrastination.

Also, I have added a button for the literary magazine Dislocate in the upper corner of my blog and here:

My husband put it together, since I am technologically inept, though we're hoping to not host the image on Flickr but on the official Dislocate website at some point. Dislocate is the university's national literary magazine (one that accepted a poem of mine a year ago and should be coming out by the end of this month), so if you want to support some local Minnesota creativity, let me know, and I'll send you the code! We certainly want the word spread far and wide.


KeLL said...

Woo Hoo! Two down, one to go (for now)!

shari said...

congrats! hope you make some progress on your to do list.

Heidi said...


Wanted to drop a line to say how I enjoy your thoughts and your way of expressing them. Your blog is lovely. I first found you on A Certain Slant of Light and was delighted to rediscover you here just a few days ago. I'm looking forward to following your MFA journey.

Anonymous said...

that is a great picture! ha. love it.