Monday, August 18, 2008


We've begun to put up our new window treatments in the house: bamboo for the porch (to replace that lace, the lace that always gave me the shivers every time we turned the corner, and now I can no longer say, "We're the blue house on the corner with the ugly lace porch curtains"), linen and cotton inside. We seem to be doing one room a day, so only the front porch, with its boxes of paper cranes and the holiday rope lighting, is complete, and tonight, we did the kitchen. I wanted to dance a little jig as the Zephyr-destroyed venetian blinds came down (that dog will shove his snout just about anywhere if he thinks there's something interesting on the other side of it). With these new textures, we're making this house our own, we're considering what is important in our own aesthetic: heavy woods, natural fibers, wool, water. I'll show more as they go up.

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KeLL said...

But the lace curtains were so YOU!