Monday, August 11, 2008

87: One Year Ago Today

Reader, I married him.

One year ago today, Ryan and I made this whole thing official, and though convention isn't always appealing, I'm glad we did.

I've put together a new photo set over on flickr; this one includes the above images and more, all from the professional photographer. Don't worry--we have the rights to the photographs, so I am not being naughty. And I held on to them for a year, thinking the anniversary would be a good time to wander down this foggy memoried day, to recall the hail and the heat and the sweet flowers and all the surprises and kindnesses from so many people we love.

I was just writing to my best friend when I realized: days before the wedding, Mandy, who would have been a bridesmaid, had her daughter, and since the wedding, both my friends Kelly and Jen have had sons and both Ryan's sister Megan and my friend Kim are pregnant. It's amazing the whirlwind of changes our lives have become.

And I have to say, I'm glad I'm spending the whirlwind with him.


hrsj said...

Molly you are so beautiful and you two are a wonderful pair! Congrats on your anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! : )


Debbie said...

Aww. Happy anniversary.

KeLL said...

I can't believe it's been a year! So many memories of that day: blistering heat, nerves, bobby pins, pounding hail, a house overflowing with wonderful women, spiders falling on dresses, and a beautiful bride.

You are beautiful every day, but that day you were radiant.
Happy Anniversary!

Chris said...

Happy Anniversary! I CANNOT believe it has been a year! So much life has happened, and been created. I wonder what next year will hold!

flossy-p said...

Oh Molly, the photo's are stunning. I adore the one of you both reflected in the puddle. I love the shoes! And your cake was gorgeous. It looks like a really fun occasion.

Happy Anniversary!

nicole said...

hi, beautiful! happy anniversary! the sambas photograph.

Sam said...

I'm late here - it seems I always start off comments this way - but a very happy belated anniversary! (The 11th is my parents anniversary, and they just celebrated 35 years. It's a good day!) You were a glorious, luminous bride, and the photos were just amazing. I love the one of Ryan with you in the background, especially so.