Wednesday, August 6, 2008

79: Sated

Monday night was one of those nights you store into your memory and heart: a night of good food, good company, good poetry. (I feel, since I am headed to Michigan that I ought to inhabit that part of my lost grandfather who proclaimed everything good, good. You have to say it slowly, contemplatively as well.)

Monday dinner: with a former high school student (new friend) and a former high school peer (old friend) at Everest on Grand, food from Nepal and India. Yak momos, mango lassi, chicken curry, daal.

Monday after: A poetry ready by Eireann Lorsung and Shana Youngdahl, two people very dear to my heart. And two women with such incredible talent. Shana's chapbook, Donner: A Passing has just been released by Finishing Line Press and is about the tragic journey of the Donner party; Eireann's book music for landing planes by was recently a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award and her second book is due to come out in 2010.

And still after: a cake reception at the home of the Lorsungs. We sat in the late evening summer warmth and talked about poetry projects, about the tilt of the Earth and the sun (will Eireann be flying with or against the orbit as she returns to England this Thursday?), and jokes about literary theorists.

And yesterday: a quiet return to Eireann's, growing anticipation for next year, and, I fell in love, so I had to bring it home:

Isn't she wonderfully talented? There are more shadowboxes going to the MCBA soon.

(E, I made a set on flickr for you: on my walls. Now you can enjoy the "grown up" art vicariously until you are finally settled in a beautiful house in the countryside with rolling hills and sheep nearby. And plenty of pretty things to take to the framer's and make you completely broke.)

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Michael Majeski said...

The shadowbox is pretty cool. I wonder how she got the pictures to stand out like that.