Sunday, August 3, 2008

74: William O'Brien State Park

We went camping--our third trip this summer--with Emily and her husband Pat this weekend. I've come home slimy and exhausted, but content. It was the first time Emily's two dogs (Jersey the Pointer mix and Phoebe the German Shepard) had gone camping and though the first night was cautious, full of low rumbles from Jersey and the occasional bark at the passers-by, I think it went well. They hadn't met Penelope and Zephyr either, and as you'll later see, once they got into the water, they were the best of friends, even if Jersey and Zephyr never did figure out who was the alpha male or the stick catching champion (those two titles, I believe, just might be the same thing).

Last night, I woke at quarter to five, the drunken screeching laughter of a neighboring set of campers jolting me awake. The other three in my tent slept obliviously on, so I waited as they continued conversing, one eventually getting sick, I believe, watching as the morning crept in. I fell asleep just before the sun broke, as the world was still a slight deep blue slowing turning over to light.

So now I am back, wondering if the push-pull of shower versus nap will end in a combined effort. I will take my book upstairs, settle beneath the clean sheets with clean hair, sleep part of the afternoon away. Just before we left for camping, I turned in what I hope is the final draft of my M.Ed thesis, which means I will work on paperwork this evening in hopes that all can be moderately squared away before we depart for Michigan and the land of my grandmother.

Photo series from camping to be posted later today. Post-nap, post-shower, post-reading.


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