Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today's of note:

- I am too tired and too busy now to write anything that resembles a normal post. Right now, I am actually procrastinating putting the final touches on my four-page first-draft syllabus. I'm debating the fine print, glad I can actually abide by a strict attendance and late policy. Take that, Mr. Tardy!

- There is a farmer's market every Wednesday (until October) in the courtyard just outside of Lind Hall. I peer out the window at the little buckets of fresh vegetables, all the green and red and orange that should be in my garden, were it not for those voracious sunflowers.

- My desk has moved from the third floor to the basement that smells like a barn.

- Last night, I fell asleep, utterly exhausted, at 8:30. Ryan came to bed at one, and since he hadn't been home yet when I went to bed, we talked about the clients from out of town and my first day, briefly, mumblishly. And then I could not fall back asleep for an hour or so, such was the whir in my brain. It felt like playing cards in the spokes of a bicycle: tick, tick, tickticktick. I thought of what I had to do, who I had just met, how dramatically my life had changed. I knew my mind was more like a pinball game, with the lights and ting-ting-crescendos!, but I couldn't help but imagine it more like a rhythmic hand clapping a la Feist. If I could just get a hold on the rhythm, maybe I could fall back to sleep...

- Tomorrow's activities start at eight in the morning, with an all-campus TA orientation last four and a half hours. I'm not sure I can take much more of this packed schedule. We have activities until ... when? I don't think there is a cut off time, but I know we have two more major chunks of time dedicated to more teacher training. It's good, but I feel the momentum is lifting me off the ground, and I was joking at lunch today about how it'd be nice to have a poetry workshop thrown in somewhere to remind us of why we're actually there: to write full time, and to teach part time. It is beginning to resemble a high school teacher's back to school, full throttle orientation (only imagine if the high school teachers had no prior training).

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lisa s said...

i'm a huge proponent of strict attendance policies :D