Friday, July 18, 2008

58: Happy Birthday, Angie! And Lane, Nearly!

To celebrate, we went on a wine dinner cruise on the St Croix, just around Stillwater, where Angie's husband Lane grew up. It was a ship full of women in sundresses, men wearing polos, swaying a bit more as the boat chugged along, plates full of rolls and cantaloupe. I tasted two wines, then filled my glass with iced water, giving myself the allusion of tasting along with the rest. The night cooled; we had the perfect spot--a table for six, outside, tucked beneath the stairs at the front of the boat, away from most everyone else with a wonderful view. In the end, as the boat pulled in, the breeze stilled, revealing that perfect full moon and its glamorous reflection in the river. Of course, the movement of the boat created the bumping trail below, and I love it for its imperfection.

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