Tuesday, July 1, 2008

33: July List

Oh July, with your birthdays, of country and family, of fireworks and warmer days, of diminished thunderstorms and vibrant fruit from the earth, of road trips and battling against the temptation to turn that dial of the AC to on. Of single sheets and just-barely-there ponytails, of dreams of the beach, of nine year dating anniversaries (July 16th, n-i-n-e years of Molly + Ryan), of long sunrays and gardens out of control. These are the things I bring to you, July:

- Listen: Meiko.
- The methodic push-pull of mowing the lawn, fingers and sneakers greener.
- These birds.
- Thunderstorms. Over and over again, I love thunderstorms. And good, clean rain.
- The art of letter writing: yellow owl workshop, port2port card society, pearl & marmalade
- The art of postcard sending: eshu, simply photo, ink + wit
- Eat more Kale. See shirts here, and the Polaroid that drew my attention.
- My new watch. Which, I completely realize, is hilarious that it's themed in this way, especially for me, who hates running, but it's solar powered. And tough. And if you've met me, you know I walk into things a lot, and I like being outdoors. Nature has a lot of trees to hip check.
- I'm in love with these hexagon trees.
- from Jen's blog, Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison photography: wow.
- a return to Portishead
- looking forward to a poetry retreat at the Cloquet Forestry Center
- on the 22nd, Christian will be one month old
- still thinking about the beach... daydreaming, more like
- stripes (navy, gray)
- Reading. Oh, reading, reading, reading. Is there anything better?
- Ryan and I will have been dating for nine years. That's crazy-long.

And because The Current keeps playing this song, it is stuck in my head, though I have to admit, I don't mind too too much:

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Julia said...

i'm loving this list. i've been slacking in my letterwriting and this was a good reminder.